Our Consultants Prepare You for Telecom Disaster Recovery

Our disaster recovery consultants assess your vulnerabilities and business continuity to minimize downtime.

Are you prepared for anything?

Disasters happen, are you prepared for the recovery? Our Telecom Disaster Recovery Consultants prepare a business to be nimble by setting up the option to change where phone numbers and extensions ring thru. In case of emergencies like bad weather, disasters, outages or closings a business can reroute their calls without any problems or inconvenience their customers and vendors.

If a natural disaster downed power and wireline services running at your location, would your business shut down?

Without proper preparation an organization's backup plans can become outdated very quickly, that is if there even are any in place. Intellex Communications provides dedicated resources to perform maintenance, continuous updating and regular testing for business continuity plans. Disaster recovery planning can include "zero downtime" targets and step-by-step recovery plans for all of your telecommunications systems. This includes phone lines, 1-800 service, data networks, e-commerce platforms, client databases and more.

Services provided by Intellex Communications Consultants

Our Telecom Disaster Recovery Consultants can assess your vulnerabilities and define the requirements to minimize the impact of business disaster. We will:
• Recommend preventative measures to minimize the impact and possibility of downtime with your business-critical systems.
• Develop a business impact analysis that will identify the critical operations, processes and systems that require continuity planning
• Help create a detailed business continuity plan
• Identify the critical elements specific to your organization, regardless of the size of your organization or your industry