Your Phone Solutions: Local Phone Service, T1, PRI, Business Lines, MPLS, Hosted VoIP

Are you satisfied with your local telephone service? Can you connect with one phone system no matter where you are?

Can you connect with one phone system no matter where you are?

With a proper phone system analysis Intellex Communications will connect all of your locations with one phone system, including satellite and home offices. Our feature rich solutions connect all your VoIP (Voice over IP) services with the same features and benefits the corporate office has. Not only does this foster streamlined communication with in your organization, but also allows you the freedom to conduct business where you want and when you want.

Our Phone System Analysis Covers Local Phone Service, T1, PRI, Business Lines, MPLS, ATM, Centrex, and more.

Are you satisfied with your local telephone service? Sometimes hearing a dial tone is not enough. With several different options and plans available for local phone service, an analysis of your usage and call traffic may indicate that a different package, or a different provider, might be more suitable for your needs. Our independent and objective telecom consultants offer the negotiation assistance you need to get the best value for your dollar.

Dedicated, Switched, Toll Free Long Distance.

When was the last time your business had a phone system analysis to assessed its long distance usage? Long distance plans that do not match your specific calling patterns can be extremely costly. Based on your organization's individual requirements, the system should be efficient, and include consideration of the following elements:
• Long distance calling patterns
• 1-800 service and associated costs
• International calls
• Calling cards and remote long distance calling capability
• Wireless long distance services
• Extended local area services

Intellex Communications will can ensure that your long distance services are well-matched to your specific needs. Our consultants use our industry-leading, proprietary, analytical tools designed to accurately identify and analyze your long distance call patterns and system requirements. That analysis, combined with the vast experience and long distance service expertise of our Consultants, will result in a custom design recommendation based entirely on your needs. Our research team spends countless hours researching the latest long distance options, plans and rates to ensure the best options are presented to you. Furthermore, our consultants will negotiate on your behalf with service providers in your area to ensure that you acquire only the system that is suitable for you and that you pay for only the services you will use.

Services provided by Intellex Communications Consultants

At Intellex Communications, we ensure you receive the best local phone service for your individual business needs. We provide:
• Reports summarizing all fixed and variable service costs and charges.
• Analysis of traffic studies and recommendations tailored to your phone usage patterns.
• Review and organize all of your bills and contracts in order to give you a clear understanding of the services you are using today, what you are paying, and what terms you are committed to.
• Advice and guidance on service providers in your area.
• Recommendations to optimize your local phone service configuration.
• Identification of possible billing errors, potential refunds, latest plans, rates and options from all providers.
• Reduce the complexity of local phone service bills and invoices.
• Work on your behalf with service providers to ensure you have the packages and options right for your organization.
• Negotiate with service providers so you only pay for the services you need.