Disabling automatic updates is a bad idea

“Updates always seem to want to install at annoying times!” | “It’s my system. I can do with it as I want.” | “I don’t use automatic updates, and instead I apply patches manually.” | “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” | “Updates change too much stuff.” | “Updates take ages.” | “I don’t trust Microsoft/Apple/Google!”

Update Progress Disabling automatic updates is a bad idea

These are just some of the excuses heard most often by the good folks who are called to try and salvage data from a cyber-attack.

If you’re regularly delaying the roll out of patches and updates on your Mac or PC, cut it out. You’ve got plenty of excuses, but none of them really holds water. Continue reading

The number of digital assistants will likely match world population by 2021

icon 1968243 640 The number of digital assistants will likely match world population by 2021The number of devices with digital assistants built-in will grow to over 7.5 billion in 2021, claims research and consulting firm Ovum in its Digital Assistant and Voice AI-Capable Device Forecast for 2016 to 2021, which, according to PopulationPyramid.net, will match the 7.5-7.7 billion world population.

In this report, Ovum looks at the various digital assistants currently available and discusses their past and future. For example, in 2016, about 3.5 billion active devices were already on the market, with over 95 percent of the installed base for Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant in North America alone. Of Apple’s Siri base, 24% was in North America.

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Most in-demand tech language skills

code 1486361 1280 300x199 Most in demand tech language skillsTrying to land a new tech job? HiringSolved’s latest reports uncovers the tech language skills that employers are looking for right now.

HiringSolved’s artificial intelligence software, RAI, aggregated data from over 10,000 public social profiles to determine which technology language skills were most likely to result in a person’s being hired or promoted. Based on this data, HiringSolved reveals which technology language skills are most in-demand for the 2017 job market, so you can focus on the ones that will get you hired or promoted. Continue reading

The negative effects of multitasking

office 620817 640 300x199 The negative effects of multitaskingResearchers have shown that you can improve your overall work performance, complete tasks more quickly, and retain information if you focus on one task at a time. That may seem impossible to do in this era of constant emails, phone calls, social media alerts and texts; but not doing so is making you less productive and lowering your quality of work.

Employers have long encouraged multitasking as a way of increasing employee productivity. Research shows it has the opposite effect.

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The Ransomware attack that makes you “WannaCry.” Will it happen again?

matrix 434035 640 300x211 The Ransomware attack that makes you “WannaCry.” Will it happen again?Thousands of organizations from around the world were caught off guard by the WannaCry ransomware attack launched Friday. As this rapidly spreading threat evolves, more cybercriminals are likely to attempt to profit from this and similar vulnerabilities.

As a ransomware program, WannaCry itself is not that special or sophisticated. In fact, an earlier version of the program was distributed in March and April and, judging by its implementation, its creators are not very skilled.

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14 of the coolest tech gadgets for 2017

Bestproducts.com just came out with their list of the 100 best tech gadgets for 2017, and we’ve culled that list down to the 14 we (frankly, non-gamer types) would likely use, or want to use (depending on the price tag). Click on any product name for buying information.

Tell us what you think of our shorter list:

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Who really owns your social media postings?

mobile phone 1917737 640 300x199 Who really owns your social media postings?More often than not, people sign up for social media accounts without reading the particular platform’s terms of service. As a result, they are usually completely unaware of the conditions of use or the rights they have signed away.

Do you really know who owns your Facebook account or your Instagram profile picture?  If not, you may be surprised to discover the reality as we break down the terms that you have agreed to on various social media platforms.

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