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5 Advantages of VOIP You Can Read in 5 Minutes

So we’ve spoken about how VoIP can save you money, some basics about the technology, but we haven’t really discussed the advantages of VoIP technology in a cohesive way. We’re going to do just that, and for you busy readers out there, we’re writing it to take less than 5 minutes of reading. So here goes. It’s definitely cheaper than your landline. It’s weird to call it cheap VoIP, but it’s definitely a way to save some funds. If you’re using something that you still call Bell Atlantic as your business phone, chances are VoIP technology can save you a boatload of monthly expenditures. In addition the maintenance costs and replacement phones/parts are cheaper and easier to come by.2. It’s incredibly reliable. Most internet connections have over 99% up time, and as long as you have internet, you will have phone services. In the event of […]

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Does VOIP slow down my business internet?

The short answer is no. But I bet you want to know why, or at least have facts to back up the claim that voip doesn’t slow down your business internet. VoIP, like anything else connected to the internet, needs the ability to exchange packets of data between two locations, in real time. Some serious bandwidth hogs are Netflix, Youtube, or any sort of video streaming service as those require large amounts of available bandwidth because the files are larger. For example, a video that is 3.2gb requires more bandwidth (more ‘room’ to travel) to stream at 1080p than a video that is 2.8gp and is streaming at 720p. VoIP works in very much the same way. Depending on the voice quality, there are more bytes to be sent (neglible compared to video, though). VoIP is at a point where even the highest […]

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Why Internet Communication is Changing Everything

This may seem like a no-brainer, but there’s actually much, much more to internet communication than meets the eye. Internet communication is the act of exchanging packets of information, data, through a global network. This is done by uploading data from one computer, and another computer downloads that same data. This process completes every time you videochat, send an email, reconnect with long lost friends, pay your bills, or look at cat pictures. The possibilities are endless. It is common knowledge that the internet is irreplaceable, but there is so much more than just checking your emails or looking at cat pictures. Why does that matter? What else is there? Read on to find out. 1.The scale of the internet is immense and constantly expanding. It takes google 1,000 computers to do one search in 0.2 seconds. To manage this massive amount of computing, there […]

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On VoIP Troubleshooting

Our goal is to give you the best client support and services, and to enable you to be your own resource in a pinch. We are always available, but if you ever wonder if it’s you, or us, or your ISP, this VoIP troubleshooting list will be helpful! Most of the time with internet services it is something simple. Incredibly, incredibly simple. Someone may have unplugged the router accidentally, the network cable connecting the router to your LAN is unplugged, your ISP is experiencing an outage, we’re experiencing an outage. Your IT department is updating some critical systems. In situations where you are experiencing a loss in service or call quality, do not panic! All will be right and good in the world. To ease your suffering here is a VoIP troubleshooting cheat sheet you can go through with our client services, or without.  Is there actually […]

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How Much Do You Know About The Internet?

The internet is a vast, possibly infinite sea of information. Never has there been a technology that enabled such easy access to any conceivable existing written thought. 99% of all published books are online, movies, music, lectures, research and innovation. It is all there. How? How did this network emerge? What does it mean? What can you be doing to better utilize this new technology that has already shifted how people interact in their daily lives? How much about the internet do you already know? The internet emerged as a direct result of electronic computers in the 1950’s. As early as 1960 the US Government was awarding contracts to labs that were building ‘packet networks,’ which were basically larger networks of CPU’s, with computers the size of bedrooms but could only really do very, very basic computing. Think about how much power is […]

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