This is how to decide which apps to delete from your phone

nokia 623939 640 300x199 This is how to decide which apps to delete from your phoneIf you are trying to prune your phone’s collection of apps, here are some steps to take to find the ones that should get the hook first.

It can be tempting to let apps accumulate on your phone until you start to run out of space, but apps you don’t use still have whatever data you put into them. They’ll still eat up your bandwidth to update themselves. And they will continue to distract you when you’re swiping through the grids of app icons in iOS and Android.

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Senate votes to change internet privacy rules

hands woman laptop working 300x199 Senate votes to change internet privacy rulesThe Senate moved Thursday to undo regulations that would have forced internet service providers like Comcast and Verizon to ask customers’ permission before they could use or sell much of their personal information.

Senators voted along party lines, 50-48, to eliminate the rules. The Federal Communications Commission had put the regulations in place in October. They were not in effect yet. Continue reading

In the wireless world, it’s back to the unlimited future

 In the wireless world, its back to the unlimited futureYears after three of the big four carriers ditched their unlimited data plans, all the major companies are offering plans that promise users they can access the mobile internet as much as they’d like. Well, kind of. If you read the fine print, you’ll find that there are some notable limitations to the new so-called unlimited plans.

Still, if you use a lot of a data, you could save money by signing up for one of them. And they make a lot of sense for families who have multiple members needing to get connected. Continue reading

App trains people not to reach for chocolate and alcohol

 App trains people not to reach for chocolate and alcoholA game which trains the brain to stop reaching for alcohol and unhealthy food such as cakes, cookies and chocolate, can lead to ‘pain free’ weight loss and cut energy intake by more than 200 calories a day.

Psychologists at the University of Exeter have found that less than ten minutes a day of ‘brain training’ using a game they have devised can slow impulses to reach for unhealthy snacks, and reduce calorie intake.

Using neuroscience and lab trials to devise a proven method of curbing unhealthy food intake, Professor Natalia Lawrence’s Food Trainer app is being launched in January, free to the public, in a month when people traditionally make resolutions to lose weight and cut down on junk food.

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5 tech tips that pro travelers use

smartphone 731274 640 5 tech tips that pro travelers useLuggage? Check. Wallet? Yep. Tech? You bet.

Today’s travelers likely have some high-tech companions to help keep them organized, productive, entertained, and in touch with those who matter.

But to avoid any hiccups while on the road – whether it’s for a Spring Break vacation or quick business trip — the following is a look at a few considerations before you pack your gear-to-go. Continue reading

Gadgets that help keep your cats and dogs safe and well-fed

dog 186222 640 Gadgets that help keep your cats and dogs safe and well fedErik Hagen bought an interactive camera that dispenses treats to amuse his pets, but he is the one who has become addicted.

The self-employed Minnesotan has posted more than 300 photos of his five cats and one dog to a human social media network via his Petzi Treat Cam.

While not everyone will shell out $169 for a gadget that lets you take candid photos of your four-legged friends and say hello via high-quality audio, pet parents love to buy stuff for Fido and Fluffy.

Americans spent $62 billion on pet products and services in 2016, according to the American Pet Products Association.

Here are some new and noteworthy high-tech gadgets. Continue reading

How to remove ransomware: Use this battle plan to fight back

stature 935643 640 How to remove ransomware: Use this battle plan to fight backA combination of common sense, backup, proactive protection, and automated removal tools is a solid defense against the growing scourge of ransomware.

Ransomware doesn’t sneak into your PC like ordinary malware. It bursts in, points a gun at your data, and screams for cash—or else. And if you don’t learn to defend yourself, it could happen again and again.

Armed gangs of digital thieves roaming the information superhighway sounds like an overwrought action movie, but the numbers say it’s true: Ransomware attacks rose from 3.8 million in 2015 to 638 million in 2016, even as the number of malware attacks declined. Why steal data when you can simply demand cash?

For the first time ever, the RSA security conference in San Francisco held a comprehensive one-day seminar on ransomware, detailing who’s being attacked, how much they’re taking—and, more importantly, how to block, remove and even negotiate with the crooks holding your data hostage. Continue reading

Your Hot Hands Can Give Away Your Smartphone PIN

coffee 1867443 640 Your Hot Hands Can Give Away Your Smartphone PINThermal images reveal what parts of the screen were tapped, even after it’s left untouched for 30 seconds.

If you were protecting your smartphone passcode from someone lurking over your shoulder, or from unseen security cameras, you might cover the screen as you tap in the PIN’s four or six digits. But once you’ve unlocked the phone, perhaps you’d let down your guard, and leave the screen in full view—especially if it’s off.

That would be unwise, according to researchers at two German universities. A new study explains how someone armed with a thermal-imaging camera would have little trouble extracting your passcode from the heat signature left on your smartphone’s screen. It even works 30 seconds after you last touched it.

How does this work? A guy enters a PIN to unlock his phone, then turns off the screen and puts it down on a table. He gets up to grab a cup of coffee, as an attacker quietly strides in, points a small handheld thermal camera at the phone for a moment, and walks back out.

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