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Cyber criminals going old-school

Complex cyberattacks cost a cyber-criminal a fair amount of money to create and carry out. And the costs are only rising. This has prompted many to return to old-fashioned email tricks to bring in some needed cash. Complex state-on-state cyberattacks and hacking tools like those revealed by Wikileaks (where the CIA can turn TVs into covert eavesdropping tools) are not going away, but you don’t have to be an elite programmer and hacker to make money using ransomware or simply stealing data. Email can be used expediently and effectively.

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Will This New Battery Revolutionize Our Phones and Cars?

The co-inventor of the lithium-ion battery says he has developed a safer battery that lasts three times longer than those currently in use in our mobile devices and many newer electric cars. In research published in the March edition of the journal Energy & Environmental Science, and in a filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, John Goodenough and colleagues at the University of Texas report that their new battery technology could produce a safe, non-explosive cell with charging times measured in minutes, not hours.

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How Down Time affects Enterprises

Veeam® commissioned a survey over 1,000 global IT decision makers to gain a better understanding the impacts service Availability has on enterprises. Overall, there appears to be an alarming amount of under-protected and unrecoverable data in organizations that costs, on average, $21.8M each year due to downtime.  This reflects a as a 36% increase YOY – a move in the wrong direction. Enterprises must start accelerating their implementation of data protection solutions to reduce lost time and money.

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How to decide between on-premise, cloud hybrid or multi-cloud

With so many options for data storage and hosted or on-premises solutions, how does a business choose the right one? Deciding how and whether to use cloud computing isn’t a simple flip of a coin. It’s made all the more complicated by an overwhelming number of vendors and products. After years of deploying each method – on premise, cloud, hybrid or multi-cloud – and then evaluating which worked and which didn’t, experts have deciphered what situations tip the scale toward one approach or another.  While the context is data storage, this analysis applies to most enterprise IT scenarios.

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Will the cloud save big data?

Employees up and down the value chain are eager to dive into big data, hunting for golden nuggets of intelligence to help them make smarter decisions, grow customer relationships and improve business efficiency. To do this, they’ve been faced with a dizzying array of technologies – from open source projects to commercial software products – as they try to wrestle big data to the ground.

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