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Listen up Twitter! Mastadon’s sudden popularity is your wake-up call

There’s a hot new social network these days and it’s called Mastodon. Well, it’s not that new — it’s been around since September 2016 — but it’s gained tens of thousands of users in the last few days. The reason for the growth? According to its founder, Eugen Rochko, it has a lot to do with people getting increasingly fed up with Twitter, especially the recent decision to nix @usernames from Replies. Mastodon — named after an American heavy metal band — is mopping up users seeking an alternative. Sure, Mastodon is still small and relatively unheard of, but the very fact that it spurred this much interest is a sign that the established social networks like Twitter are fundamentally failing at one thing: keeping users happy.

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Shock absorber, flotation patented for iPhone

Apple has patented bumpers that pop out to cushion the impact when an iPhone is dropped. These shock absorbers will also allow the device to float. The newly-patented technology uses sensor that can detect when the device falls, calculating the height and velocity of movement to determine whether it has been dropped or just set down. If it decides the phone has been dropped, corner bumpers will spring out. By cushioning a fall, and allowing the phone to float if dropped in the pool, bath, sink or toilet, the risk of irreparable damage is minimized. Once the phone has been retrieved, the corner bumpers ca be retracted. In the meantime, you can always get the Mota Bumper case for your phone. The bumpers don’t retract, but the risk of damage is still minimized from a drop (not a flotation device). From | […]

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Faster cellular signals slow down Wi-Fi

You may soon see faster connections on your cellular service. But your Wi-Fi connection may pay the price. Thanks to a recent regulatory decision, wireless companies like Verizon and T-Mobile will soon be transmitting data in the same part of the public airwaves that’s used by Wi-Fi. The move will give the carriers more spectrum to play with, which should lead to faster speeds for their customers. But those cellphone signals may interfere with Wi-Fi transmissions.

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What Is a “Fileless” or Non-Malware Attack?

Every year seems to be “the year of” something in cybersecurity. In 2013, it was “the year of the financial breach.” In 2014, the “year of the retail hack.” In 2015, we saw at shift to healthcare and, in 2016, ransomware reigned. 2017 is already shaping its own theme. Research from prominent third parties, as well Carbon Black’s own research, indicates that 2017 may become “the year of non-malware attacks.” Non-malware attacks have been in the news a lot recently. Let’s take a step back and understand what we’re up against and what can be done. Defining “Non-Malware” Attacks

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