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Why Your Sales Deck Needs an Update

Halt! Before you start your newest PowerPoint presentation, read! Don’t you touch that dry erase marker. If you start out your sales pitch stating the possible clients’ problem, you’re doing it wrong. Now that has always been conventional wisdom, but we’ve evolved as an industry into a world of subtlety and nuance. Stating a prospects’ problem outright will immediately put them on the defensive, make them hesitant to reveal issues about their business that truly could need improvements. You need a more tertiary, subtle approach. But what! Well, we’ve researched sales decks that are great examples of how modern salespeople have found success in an industry driven by relationships and customer choice. Prospects are more informed than ever, they are advocates for their needs and will not listen to armchair experts tell them what they should and shouldn’t buy. So let’s get on with […]

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How To Pick a VoIP Provider

 The telecom market is saturated with choices. There are providers for just about any functionality and any price point you can need, but how do you determine your best fit, in this sea of options? We’re going to do your homework for you. By the end of this brief article you’ll have the tools and knowledge you need to investigate your business communications and determine how to pick a VoIP provider that fits your needs.   There are five high level facets of any VoIP provider which should be essential: if you don’t see one of them or your potential provider isn’t transparent, move on. Reliability/Quality Scalability Experience and/or Expertise Service Expertise/troubleshooting expertise Cost These are in no particular order, and that is about it. If you’re interested in learning more about each point, continue reading. If not, go forth and find a […]

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5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Improve Customer Support

We all know it: Customer Experience is and always has been one of the pillars of successful business. Happy customers become your biggest marketing assets. They provide genuine observations about your company to prospective customers, and your customers often try and upsell your company. They are better than any marketing team or sales effort. Armed with this knowledge, it would be wise to take a hard look at your customer support and ensure that they are providing the absolute highest quality services that they can to your customers. Your champion customers will spread the word of incredible customer service, and often that is the tipping point to convert a prospective customer into a closed deal. Here are 6 tasks you can do right now to improve customer support, and watch the new deals rain down. Personalize your interactions with everyone who interacts with […]

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Startup Spotlight: Push Doctor, OhPen, Clutter, oh my!

Startups can be weird, wacky, downright useless, and sometimes brilliant. Applications like Slack or trello (amongst many others) revolutionized the way businesses could communicate. Suddenly people could “actually” be efficient. In the consumer industry, facebook enabled people from all over the globe to interact instantly. Google happened. Often at the base of startup success is a thread : communication innovation. That’s not to say that all startups set up to improve communication will succeed, but the ability for the internet to spread information instantly certainly enables a lot of very obvious solutions. Even if a new software does not focus on communication, the relay of information instantly across great distance enables incredible efficiency for businesses and consumers. And with that, here are three curious startups to watch in this week’s startup spotlight. Push Doctor (via TechCrunch) Push doctor is very straightforward. It is […]

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Major Ransomware Cyber Attack – did we mention you need to update your passwords?

Another large cyber attack has struck several large firms across the globe. If you’re interested in the specifics and proper journalism, read the bbc article. They’re fantastic. If your interested in opinions and some tips about internet security, hang in there a bit and you’ll walk away feeling a little more secure. Change your passwords. You’ve probably heard this before. No, not just one password, all of your passwords. Yes it can happen to you. Don’t use one password for more than one account. Okay, no more patronizing. Genuinely, regularly updating your passwords can protect you against a vast majority of digital threats. Most breaches happen not due to any coding or effort on a hacker’s, part, but a loose password that can then unlock several accounts. Your email is the most high risk account you have – everything goes through that. Experts are […]

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