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Spray-on conductive concrete will shield us from EMP attacks

An electromagnetic pulse (commonly abbreviated as EMP) is a burst of electromagnetic radiation. Nuclear explosions create a characteristic pulse of electromagnetic radiation called a nuclear EMP or NEMP. In real life, however, EMPs are a potential threat to national security.  First imagined as a troubling after effect in the wake a nuclear attack, EMPs have recently reemerged as non-nuclear e-bombs that silently attack precious electricity. A burst of energy that fries electronic circuits within a blast radius, an EMP could theoretically knock out a power grid if it were large enough. That in turn could send a major city back to the Stone Age, or knock out a strategically significant military installation in an instant. While the threat of an EMP attack knocking out electronics and sending the world into an apocalyptic spiral might seem far off, it’s good to know that someone […]

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How Scared We Should Be of an EMP Attack

A military expert explains the threat and its likelihood Electromagnetic pulses, or EMPs, usually show up in pop culture as a temporary way to disable electronics. In Ocean’s Eleven, one knocks out a casino’s power supply during a heist. In the Matrix movies, an EMP is a CGI energy blast that Morpheus uses to stop the Sentinels from attacking Zion. In real life, however, EMPs are a potential threat to national security.

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Google’s new PhotoScan app makes it easy to digitize old prints

On the surface, Google Photos has a simple mission: to store your pictures. Specifically, Google says it wants the service to be a home for all of your photos, and today that mission expanded to encompass the old photos you took on a point-and-shoot back in the ’90s. The company just released a new app called PhotoScan for iOS and Android, and it promises to make preserving the memories in your old printed photos much easier. PhotoScan improves on the old “photo of a photo” technique that many now use to quickly get a digital copy of old prints. It’s also a lot cheaper than sending pictures out to be scanned by a professional, not to mention faster and more convenient than using a flatbed scanner.

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Holiday Season is Primetime for Phishing

The number of financial phishing attacks is expected to rise during the holiday season which starts unofficially on Black Friday and continues through Christmas. Kaspersky Lab data shows that over the last few years the holiday period has had an increase in phishing and other types of attacks, which will likely recur this year. Upticks in sales foreshadow upticks in in cybercriminal activities.

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