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Google’s new PhotoScan app makes it easy to digitize old prints

On the surface, Google Photos has a simple mission: to store your pictures. Specifically, Google says it wants the service to be a home for all of your photos, and today that mission expanded to encompass the old photos you took on a point-and-shoot back in the ’90s. The company just released a new app called PhotoScan for iOS and Android, and it promises to make preserving the memories in your old printed photos much easier. PhotoScan improves on the old “photo of a photo” technique that many now use to quickly get a digital copy of old prints. It’s also a lot cheaper than sending pictures out to be scanned by a professional, not to mention faster and more convenient than using a flatbed scanner.

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Holiday Season is Primetime for Phishing

The number of financial phishing attacks is expected to rise during the holiday season which starts unofficially on Black Friday and continues through Christmas. Kaspersky Lab data shows that over the last few years the holiday period has had an increase in phishing and other types of attacks, which will likely recur this year. Upticks in sales foreshadow upticks in in cybercriminal activities.

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iPhone & iPad Users: Beware of Fake Shopping Apps

If you’re doing your holiday shopping via app, use caution. A growing number of fraudulent shopping apps are showing up in Apple’s App Store. Like many online scams, these apps attempt to mimic the real thing in an attempt to get you to enter your credit card data or other information to make a purchase. Your financial information could be compromised, but it’s possible the fake apps could do even more, including stealing data from your phone.

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Ten Obnoxious Company Rules To Kill In 2017

Getting rid of pointless and insulting HR practices will make it easier for your company to hire and hang onto tremendous employees. Every policy you “shove” down your employees’ throats is another reason for a talented person to leave and work for a more deserving organization. Here are ten policies that every employer should get off its books before the champagne corks fly on January 1, 2017.  These policies should have disappeared long ago — so if your company is still following them, now is the perfect time to step into the modern age by killing them off!

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