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CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers): Five ways to ramp up your security strategy

Every day, and usually without organizations realizing it, their networks are being breached. With confidential information exposed to the wrong eyes, secrets can become commodities capable of ruining well held reputations. We live in a world where network incidents are so common that no one can deny their existence. As attacks proliferate, problems mount. With the attack surface continually growing, more devices being plugged into networks, and growing volumes of data, the challenges for corporate leaders are more complex than ever.

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Why email is still king

It seems to be the story of our lives that just as you learn how to use one form of technology, it changes. In the last ten years, I’ve texted, used Instant Messenger, Skype, FaceTime, Slack® and countless other forms of electronic communication. But the one consistent tool that I’ve always relied on has been email. Many herald these new tools as marking the end of email or at least relegating it to “legacy” technology. But that’s just not the case. Most of us have at least dabbled with applications such as of WhatsApp or Slack—we might even use these tools extensively—but usage of email continues to rise.

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Netgear claims its new wireless security camera lasts six months on a single charge

Netgear is rounding out the features of its wireless security camera with a new model, called the Arlo Pro. It’s more or less the same product: a camera meant to be placed inside or outdoors that records video whenever it sees motion and can alert owners through a connected app. But the Pro model has a few small but useful additions.

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The Right Way to set up your iPhone 7

For most iPhone owners, it’s an annual September ritual: update your iPhone to the latest version of iOS and take a few days to learn all the new features and capabilities of Apple’s latest mobile operating system. And/or, maybe even get a new iPhone while you’re at it, with the new iOS already installed.

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