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4 Startups that will make you raise an eyebrow

For something new, we are going to start featuring new startups weekly to show the weird and wonderful side of the tech community, entrepreneurship, and the future of business. There are startups for basically any product or service you can imagine. There is an IoT plant watering device, there are IoT latrines and toilets. There are so many plays for IoT toasters that if they weaponize we will soon be ruled by robot overlords with toasters for heads. Obviously, this list is nonexhaustive, there are certainly amazing, and wacky, startups that fly under our radar. So without further ado, here are the startups for this week.   Blockchain, but not that blockchain A bitcoin startup [blockchain] raised $40 million in series b. For those of you not familiar with startups, that’s a pretty big deal. Richard Branson got down on it. Google ventures was […]

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5 Amazing Things Done with Artificial Intelligence

First and foremost, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a type of machine learning characterized by intelligent decision making similar to our own cognitive abilities. Key traits of effective AI are learning and problem solving. The key issue yet to be solved is independent thought. No machine, so far, is capable of independent thought and reason at the same ability of a human. Once this is achieved, the line between what makes us different than machines will be a hot issue for a generation. But in the meantime here are some pretty cool things that we can do with AI before our machine overlords inevitably conquer the observable universe. AlphaGo Defeats Lee Sedol in 2016. AlphaGo, created by DeepMind (acquired by Alphabet in 2014) beat the world grandmaster go player 4-1. Go, a more mathematically complex game of wits than chess, was a challenge for […]

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Is your data available online?

Over the past few years there have been breaches to secure databases, some of which exposed half a billion users’ data. It’s easy and understandable to wonder if you are among that list, but how do you tell? The answer is really quite simple. Just type in whatever email address you’re worried about. haveibeenpwned is ssl secured (that’s the little green lock next to the URL), and was created by Troy Hunt.  Now, chances are modest that one email will be exposed, but often the data leaked isn’t enough to steal an identity. Here are steps to take if you realize your data and passwords have been breached, and how to determine the severity of the leak. Severity : If your physical address, email and email password, social security, credit card information, or banking details are available, that’s about as bad as it […]

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5 Ways VoIP Systems Can Save Your Company Money

First, what is VoIP? It’s very simple. VoIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol, which means that you use the Internet for phone calls, rather than a telephone line. This eliminates the need for carrier phone lines. Because of this, you could connect distant and remote offices and workers, no matter where they are located, efficiently and affordably.  So for the real question, how can this system save your company money?   1.      Uses the Internet for phone calls Using the Internet for phone calls means you don’t need to pay for carrier phone lines. Using the Internet also allows for easy communication with remote offices and workers, which means your business can spread to more places, which in turn creates growth in your company and income. Freelancers are also now easy to contact (well, easier) and now make up 40% […]

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