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Is your data available online?

Over the past few years there have been breaches to secure databases, some of which exposed half a billion users’ data. It’s easy and understandable to wonder if you are among that list, but how do you tell? The answer is really quite simple. Just type in whatever email address you’re worried about. haveibeenpwned is ssl secured (that’s the little green lock next to the URL), and was created by Troy Hunt.  Now, chances are modest that one email will be exposed, but often the data leaked isn’t enough to steal an identity. Here are steps to take if you realize your data and passwords have been breached, and how to determine the severity of the leak. Severity : If your physical address, email and email password, social security, credit card information, or banking details are available, that’s about as bad as it […]

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5 Ways VoIP Systems Can Save Your Company Money

First, what is VoIP? It’s very simple. VoIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol, which means that you use the Internet for phone calls, rather than a telephone line. This eliminates the need for carrier phone lines. Because of this, you could connect distant and remote offices and workers, no matter where they are located, efficiently and affordably.  So for the real question, how can this system save your company money?   1.      Uses the Internet for phone calls Using the Internet for phone calls means you don’t need to pay for carrier phone lines. Using the Internet also allows for easy communication with remote offices and workers, which means your business can spread to more places, which in turn creates growth in your company and income. Freelancers are also now easy to contact (well, easier) and now make up 40% […]

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10 Myths About Cyber Security

Cyber Security is essential to the future of any growing enterprise. Effective tools to prevent data theft or “hacks” will be the cornerstone of an effective digital strategy. The world is very different from what it was even 10 years ago, and realizing the myths about cyber security is key to a long-lived business. You are a low priority target. No, you are not a low priority target. Invasive programs and identity thieves go for low hanging fruit. If your data is easy to access, you’re a mark. Cyber Security is only IT’s problem. Everyone is online, so everyone can put data out that should  be private. It may fall under an IT departments jurisdiction, but that doesn’t mean you should be careless about your data and pass the buck. Protecting yourself is enough. If someone entrusts you with private data, they are […]

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5 Quick Tips About Millennial Customers

Millennials will soon be the major spending power in the US. Born approximately between 1980 and 2000, they make up the largest generation in the US. More than ever before, this generation is imprinting their moral and ethical beliefs upon the decisions they make regarding purchases, employment opportunities, and professional relationships. Millennials choose to support businesses only when those businesses share their common values. Many have seen the benefit (Toms, Warby Parker, Better World Books, etc.), while many have suffered as a result of their differing practices. Now, companies can be pro-environment or pro-people on paper, but the opposite in action. Millennials don’t take long to discover the validity of a company’s charitable claims. Millennials are the most diverse generation the U.S. has ever had, and generalizations must be understood as just that, generalizations. Read with the mindset that this is a general […]

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10 Signs You Should Invest In A VoIP Setup

(MAYBE A SIGN TO UPDATE YOUR INTERNET SERVICES) Chances are if you’re reading this you have an internet connection. Good. Chances are also high that you’re looking to improve how your business communicates with the outside world, or even internally. We want you to know that investing in VoIP for your business is: straightforward cost effective incredibly intuitive Rather than using the phone lines, Your Voice is transmitted Over the Internet (VoIP), the p stands for protocol and really just exists to complete the acronym. We understand and know the reasonable doubts about changing to a newer system, or just change in general. Because of this we’ve outlined the 10 signs that you really should move away from your old communication systems. Your current phones look like this        2. Or this If you still have these phones in your office, just […]

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