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CIO Explainer: What Is Blockchain?

What you need to know to speak intelligently on Blockchains and their growing importance, particularly in financial enterprises Known by many as the technology underpinning the bitcoin digital currency, blockchain has acquired a new identity in the enterprise. At a time when companies face new challenges in data management and security, it’s emerging as a way to let companies make and verify transactions on a network instantaneously without a central authority. Today, more than 40 top financial institutions and a growing number of firms across industries are experimenting with distributed ledger technology as a secure and transparent way to digitally track the ownership of assets, a move that could speed up transactions and cut costs while lowering the risk of fraud. Some companies see an opportunity to use blockchain to track the movement of assets throughout their supply chains or electronically initiate and […]

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Cell Phone Inventor looks to next big thing

Marty Cooper, who built the first handheld cell phone, says his invention has a glaring flaw: You have to keep charging its battery. “Keeping your phone charger around is a real annoyance,” Cooper told CNNMoney in an interview. “And I think it’s going to be an increasing problem.” Ensuring that your phone doesn’t run out of juice is enough of a pain. But imagine the not-too-distant future when our bodies are covered with different connected devices — watches, glasses and clothing — all of which will need to be charged. “You won’t want to take all them off and plug them in,” Cooper said. “That’s why they ought to be charging all the time.”

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SpiroCall System Measures Lung Health With Just One Phone Call

Scientists have developed a tool to accurately measure lung function through a simple phone call. According to Shwetak Patel, Washington Research Foundation Endowed Professor of Computer Science & Engineering and Electrical Engineering at the University of Washington, SpiroCall is designed to run on all types of phones, using the standard phone channel instead of over the Internet in order to reach people in developing countries who suffer from asthma, cystic fibrosis or other chronic lung diseases.

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