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Coming to terms with ISIS cyber-attacks

While the threat from ISIS-inspired cyber-attacks is a high concern, especially in light of the formation of a new United Cyber Caliphate composed of previously disparate pro-ISIS hacking collectives, these hacking groups still operate unofficially, remain poorly organized and are likely underfunded.

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German city puts lights on sidewalk to protect fools who text and walk

Texting has become ubiquitous around the world and people are becoming more and more engaged with their devices, while ignoring the world around them. This can have sometimes lighthearted and mildly annoying consequences as a woman discovered in 2011, when she walked headfirst into a fountain in a Texas shopping mall while texting on her mobile device. This level of disconnect can also result in people walking headfirst into dangerous situations while being completely unaware. In February 2015, a California man, focused on his device, walked straight into an encounter with a wild bear. Luckily for that man, he noticed the danger before it was too late and was able to escape.

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Digitalization has become a CEO priority

The 2016 Gartner CEO and senior business executive survey has found that in spite of a struggling global economy in early 2016, CEOs do not plan to significantly change their priorities. Growth is their top business priority (54%), customers are the second (31%) and workforce is the third (27%). Four hundred senior business leaders in user organizations worldwide were surveyed in the fourth quarter of 2015, answering questions about 2016/2017. Most responding organizations were those with annual revenue of $1-billion or more.

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