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How to Fix 8 Common Facebook Frustrations

We’ve all got annoying Facebook friends…you know, the ones who post about politics five times a day, or tag you in unflattering photos or won’t stop sending you Candy Crush invitations? And we’ve all been frustrated by autoplay videos and irrelevant ads. Fortunately, there are solutions to these and other Facebook frustrations, so you can get back to “♥”ing the time you spend on Facebook.

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Study: Americans Expect Business Leaders to Use Social Media to Keep Them in the Loop

As the prominence of social media continues to grow, new statistics show that Americans expect their businesses to have a presence on these networks. More specifically, they want to see CEOs use social media to connect with their customers. The Global Street Fight Study from Harris Poll and G&S Business Communications has found that 64 percent of Americans think it’s important for senior business leaders to have an active social media account.

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Why you may want to wrap your car key in aluminum foil

Your car is always listening. Not for your voice, like the Amazon Echo or Siri, but for an electronic signal, such as the coded “unlock” signal from your electronic key fob. If it’s a newer car model, you might not have to press any buttons; just approach your car and the doors will unlock automatically. In some cars, the engine will even turn on. Wirelessly unlocking your car is convenient, but it comes at a price. Criminals can easily intercept the key fob’s signal and open your car without setting off any alarms. If you have a true keyless car model, they might be able to just drive away. Let’s look at how criminals pull this off and what you can do to keep your car safe.

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How to remain digitally relevant

By 2025, jobs which were common place in 2015 will no longer exist – and students graduating in 2016 will have obsolete qualifications for which there will no longer be a profession.  Front-line military personnel will be replaced with robots; private bankers and wealth managers will be replaced with algorithms; telemarketers, data entry capturers, tax preparers, lawyers, accountants, actuaries, statisticians and consulting engineers will be replaced with artificial intelligence (AI). New business models, like those of Uber and Alibaba, are already industry-shaping disruptors, and each day, new Digital innovators are emerging to cause disintermediation and disruption across every industry imaginable. Traditional enterprises, whilst presently successful by today’s standards, are scrambling to make sense of business digitization in order to stay relevant in the digital future. Many are attempting to create new digital business models which will eventually cannibalize their traditional business, rather than […]

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