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Become a Master of Single-Tasking if You Want to Get Ahead

You wake up to your phone’s alarm clock, scroll through the morning headlines, get ready for work listening to Spotify, read emails on the way to the office, and send a WhatsApp message to your mom. Sometimes you tweet something as you read the news, prepare spreadsheets, compose emails, and dive into Google Analytics. You might send a text to your roommate, watch a YouTube video someone shared, forward an interesting article to your team, and check a notification while on Skype with a lead. You’ll bookmark websites to refer to later as you check your Facebook feed, scroll through more headlines, and post something to Instagram. If this sounds at all, even the tiniest bit, like a typical day for you, then it’s reasonable to assume you think you’re the king of multitasking. When in fact you are not.

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Google Launches Fiber Phone Service: $10 Per Month, Unlimited Nationwide Calling and Affordable International Rates

In a time when almost everyone has a smartphone and children don’t know what a landline phone is, Google has announced its very own home phone service dubbed Fiber Phone. This $10 per month phone service, inspired by Google Voice, comes with unlimited nationwide calling and reasonable international rates. “Landlines can be familiar, reliable and provide high-quality service, but the technology hasn’t always kept up,” says John Shriver-Blake, Google Fiber’s Product Manager, in a blog post pushed out on Tuesday. “That’s why today, we’re introducing Fiber Phone as a new option to help you stay connected wherever you are.” Shriver-Blake says that Fiber Phone is aimed to bestow users “everything” they want from a home phone service and a lot more. For the amount of $10 every month, users will have access to unlimited local plus nationwide calling. Its rates for international calls, […]

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Ringly Aries Bracelet has the looks and smarts to help you stay fit and connected in style

Smart jewelry pioneer Ringly is at it again, now offering an elegant Aries bracelet collection that combines smart features with a sleek, stylish design. Ringly offered some of the first wearables specifically designed for women when it launched its smart rings, but the new bracelet collection now takes it to the next level. Instead of hefty statement rings, the new Aries bracelet is svelte and elegant, sporting a gold-plated metal band with semi-precious stones to complement its aesthetics. It has far more than just good looks, however, as it’s a smart bracelet that aims to keep you fit and connected.

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A helpful app to have if you purchase the new, inexpensive iPhone

Apple’s new iPhone SE is the company’s cheapest handset ever at $399, but it comes with a drawback: only 16GB of storage. For many, that is a pitiable amount, but it is one that Apple continues to offer and make immense profits off of. It’s really not enough storage to hold many apps, photographs or videos, but of course it’s a tempting option because it’s relatively affordable. If you don’t want to spring for a more expensive version of the iPhone, you can make the 16 GB model work with a bit of effort if you just want a phone for basic calls, texting, social networking and picture-taking.  Power-users, who take dozens of photos every day should spend $100 more for the 64 GB model. Google Photos will make your life easier with a 16 GB iPhone

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