Don’t be Duped by This Frighteningly Effective GMail Scam

Security researchers have identified a “highly effective” phishing scam that’s been fooling Google Gmail customers into divulging their login credentials. The scheme, which has been gaining popularity in the past few months and has reportedly been hitting other email services, involves a clever trick that can be difficult to detect.

Researchers at WordFence, a team that makes a popular security tool for the blog site WordPress, warned of the attack in a recent blog post, noting that it has been “having a wide impact, even on experienced technical users.” (See these people, whose accounts were targeted.)

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The top enterprise firewalls of 2015

wall 159844 1280 e1484775437860 The top enterprise firewalls of 2015A good firewall will keep your company’s and customers’ private information secure in order to prevent issues such as identity theft, hackers and viruses by shutting off access to your network where necessary.

With recent data breaches like that of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management and at Harvard, firewalls are gaining increasing importance in business.

IT Central Station, a crowdsourced platform for unbiased enterprise tech reviews, recently announced its top ten enterprise firewalls based on data from over 85,000 views from 2014 to Q1 2015. IT Central Station is a trusted vendor neutral site that helps keep users informed in order to help them make the best buying decisions for their company. Continue reading

15 things we bet you didn’t know your iPhone could do

iPhone Tips1 300x263 15 things we bet you didn’t know your iPhone could doThat new iPhone you got for the holidays is Apple’s best yet. Hopefully you’ve spent some time playing around with its many features, downloaded a few apps, and used the iPhone’s terrific camera.

It’s estimated we only use only 10% of what our consumer electronics can do, so we’ve put together a list of some of the lesser-known ways to get the most out of your new device.
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What do online shoppers really want?

online 1905889 1280 300x199 What do online shoppers really want?Understanding and keeping pace with what drives people to shop and buy online is critical to success in digital retail.

KPMG International has analyzed the online shopping preferences and behaviors of more than 18 000 consumers, and concludes that online shopping, while still only a smaller fraction of overall retail spend, is growing and brick and mortar stores will need to re-examine methods for attracting and keeping customers.

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Tech CEOs Present $1 Trillion Savings Plan to Trump Administration

ginni.rometty 300x215 Tech CEOs Present $1 Trillion Savings Plan to Trump AdministrationWhen Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM strolled across the atrium connecting her company’s New York City office building and Trump Tower for a meeting with the President-elect’s incoming administration and tech industry leaders last month, she had a report in hand.

Rometty held a copy of a cost savings proposal drafted by the Technology CEO Council, a think tank of IT chieftains on which she sits as a member alongside Dell Technologies CEO Michael Dell, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, Oracle co-CEO Safra Catz, and others. The report concluded that the government could save more than $1 trillion over the next decade by enacting certain tech policies.

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Samsung and LG could launch foldable phones later this year

foldable phone 300x143 Samsung and LG could launch foldable phones later this yearWe might soon be able to buy actual foldable phones after years of looking at one concept after another. According to The Korea Herald, Samsung and LG are planning to launch bendable phones later this year. Samsung reportedly began working on a phone that folds out and turns into a 7-inch tablet in August, and it’s expected to roll out over 100,000 units in the third quarter. It apparently wasn’t a big challenge for the company, since it already previously developed a fold-in phone technology.

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Detect Cyber Threats in Your Smart Home Devices with this Small Device

Dojo by BullGuard 1 300x169 e1482424412147 300x168 Detect Cyber Threats in Your Smart Home Devices with this Small DeviceBy 2025, IDC says 80 billion devices will be connected to the internet. In the near future, Gartner predicts that by 2020 there will be approximately 25 billion Internet of Things (IoT) enabled devices. If you need more proof of rapid consumer adoption in practical terms, Amazon Echo has sold 5.1 million smart speakers in just the first two years of being on the market. Now, let’s look at the data from all this connectivity. Planet Technology gathered a few IoT statistics and came up with an infographic that puts the upsurge in connectivity and the data it generates into perspective. If a byte of data was a gallon of water, today in 2016, it would take only 10 seconds to fill the average house with data. By 2020, it will only take two seconds. That’s a lot of data being collected by your intelligent fridge to your connected washing machine, baby monitor and thermostat. Continue reading