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You Kids Get Off My Lan! 5 Tech Terms You Should Know

As technology races ever faster into the future, so does the terminology used to describe it. Many, we know implicitly, firewall, virus, open source. Many are often vaguely defined. Many are  hot topics at dinner parties and nobody’s really sure what they’re talking about. Now you can know what you’re talking about with a list of 5 essential terms in information and technology. This list is nonexhaustive. [For convenience, we’ve abbreviated the definitions for skimming]. LAN : Local Area Network. So this isn’t rocket science. It’s a localized grouping of computers, which are connected via wired or wireless signal. A Lan is typically constrained to a single building or a small grouping of buildings. Too Long, Didn’t Read: A localized group of computers that can talk to each other. SERVER: A frequently misunderstood word at social gatherings, at its most basic, a server is software. […]

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On the Heels of WannaCry: “Judy” Hits Millions of Android Users

Judy is an automated clicking malware that has infected between 8 and 37 million users. Check Point, a security solutions provider, is unsure of the extent of malware infection. Nor is it entirely clear which countries have been infected. “Some of the apps (that were infected) we discovered resided on Google Play for several years, but all were recently updated. It is unclear how long the malicious code existed inside the apps, hence the actual spread of the malware remains unknown,” Check Point added further. The malware generates revenue for the perpetrators by automating large amounts of clicks on advertisements. The Android user is unaware of these automated clicks. Check Point notified Google of the 41 infected apps, which were promptly removed from the Google Play store. Judy arrived on the heels of the WannaCry attacks that focused on outdated versions of Windows, […]

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“Essential” Smartphone Released, from Mind Behind Android

via Essential Andy Rubin, creator of Android, unveiled the PH-1, the first phone from his new company, Essential.  Essential is a “New Type of Company” designed for living in the 21st century. Their new phone offers impressive specs: 128GB HD, 4GB RAM, and a QualComm SnapDragon 835 processor. The screen and phone are larger than the standard iPhone 7, and offers a 13 megapixel camera and front facing 8 megapixel camera, both offering 4k video. The phone is impressive. The phone sans contract will run you $749 for advanced orders, and is unavailable outside the US at the current time. It comes unlocked, which means it can be used with any provider. The available colors are glossy black, matte dark grey, glossy white, and glossy dark green with bronze. In addition to Android powered mobile devices, Essential is working on an assortment of home devices to […]

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A Bright Future for the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things varies from  a personal plant assistant  to innovations in the restaurant industry, and everything in between. Your phone links to your thermostat, your refrigerator, and your car. We are embarking on a wild ride into an increasingly collaborative world. So, what is coming next? What do people think about the Internet of Things? A majority of people can’t define the Internet of Things(IoT). In August 2013, the Internet of Things spiked as a search term through Google. Since then, it has become a very actively searched definition, but the definition remains nebulous at best. For the sake of ease, the Internet of Things can be (loosely) defined as the network of interconnected devices used in daily life via the internet. The IoT is snowballing, fast. Fortune 500 companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, GE, IBM, and more are investing into […]

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Disabling automatic updates is a bad idea

“Updates always seem to want to install at annoying times!” | “It’s my system. I can do with it as I want.” | “I don’t use automatic updates, and instead I apply patches manually.” | “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” | “Updates change too much stuff.” | “Updates take ages.” | “I don’t trust Microsoft/Apple/Google!” These are just some of the excuses heard most often by the good folks who are called to try and salvage data from a cyber-attack. If you’re regularly delaying the roll out of patches and updates on your Mac or PC, cut it out. You’ve got plenty of excuses, but none of them really holds water.

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