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New ISP to go wireless

  There’s a new internet service on the horizon that promises to deliver extremely fast internet speeds for cheap, wirelessly. Called Starry, it’s exciting enough on its own terms. But the startup’s generating MJ-moonwalking-on-MTV-level enthusiasm in our newsroom not only because it rocks, but also because its competitors, frankly, are pretty bad. Here are the main reasons many Americans still can’t access quality internet service.

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Worst Passwords of 2015: ‘Star Wars’ Terms Make SplashData’s List

Apparently a lot of folks don’t realize that The Force won’t be able to protect your data. Popular “Star Wars”-related terms such as “starwars,” “solo” and “princess” were new entries on the annual “Worst Passwords” list compiled by password management applications company SplashData. “Star Wars” terms aside, the 2015 list wasn’t all that different from 2014 and years prior. “123456” and “password” once again were the most commonly used passwords, as they have been since SplashData’s first list in 2011. People apparently liked numbers that were easy to remember: Six of the top 10 passwords for 2015 were simple numerical sequences (“1234,” “12345,” “123456” and so on). Some new and longer passwords debuted on the 2015 list, but the longer passwords are so simple that their extra length is “virtually worthless as a security measure,” SplashData said. “We have seen an effort by […]

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How are you managing the negative impact that social media could have on your business?

Social media is pervasive and can be dangerous. An internet connection means instant access to an international audience, and as we tell our children, once something has been published, you can’t undo it. It’s like a tattoo. It will be there forever. It is easy to think of only your personal postings, tweets and photos as areas of concern, but other things you may consider private may not be. Conversations and emails are also easily shared and if salacious enough, could become viral (in addition, by posting personal photos and comments you are lowering the expectation and claims of privacy rights. When you post pictures of your children, you are putting their privacy rights at risk as well). Users should also always keep in mind that while it’s easy to manage you own profile, postings, pictures comments, conversations and emails, it is impossible […]

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