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CIO’s need to up their game

The job of CIO is becoming increasingly difficult as we move further into the 3rd Platform era – but pressure to keep costs down, maintain a consistent infrastructure, and to innovate has left many CIOs flat-footed, playing a catch-up game trying to integrate new innovations rather than driving them.

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Roller Coaster to use Virtual Reality to enhance ride

UK theme park Alton Towers will combine the thrill of a roller coaster with the visual excitement generated by virtual reality in a world-first new ride called Galactica, which will launch in the next few months. Riders will climb aboard and become Galactinauts, blasted into space through a 10ft portal at the start of the two-minute ride, then out into amazing galaxies and beyond.

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A New Device Can Translate Speech In Real Time

Say “hello,” “bonjour,” “konichiwa” and “salaam” to a wearable device called “ili” that translates your speech in real time. It looks like a USB flash drive, hangs around your neck and works without an Internet or cellular connection. You could be thousands of feet in the air or stuck in a subway, and ili will still work.

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Nearly half of parents say they snoop through their teen’s phone

Untag that sweet bong-rip, Chad: American parents keep close tabs on their kids’ digital lives, a new survey finds. Nearly half say they go through their teen’s cell phone history, while a majority check web history and social media accounts. The survey, which was run by the Pew Research Center, collected responses from parents of teens ages 13 to 17. All told, 1,060 parents answered the survey.

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