6 Great Android Apps And Games You Should Download Now

Android devices are always getting more capable thanks to the efforts of Google and its OEM partners, but that’s only part of the equation. Your phone can get more useful and entertaining instantly when a handy new app or engrossing game is installed. The problem, though, is figuring out which of the many new titles in the Play Store are worth your time. Well, here they are. After many hours of toil and testing, these are the best new apps and games you can get on Android right now. Continue reading

How to prevent phishing scams

Phishing Scams 150x300 How to prevent phishing scamsIt’s the oldest online scam in the world: Send out an official looking e-mail saying your password is out of date, and trick people into clicking it.

But you can protect yourself from phishing schemes.

If 2016 has taught us anything, it’s that we need to be more careful with our online safety. On Wednesday Yahoo announced that a breach three years ago may have resulted in the theft of data from 1 billion of its users. It follows other recent announcements from LinkedIn, Dropbox and Tumblr.

Hillary Clinton lost the expected win for the presidency, thanks to many factors. The hacking of her campaign e-mail didn’t help. How did it happen? Clinton’s campaign manager apparently thought the request from Google to change his password was official. The CIA thinks the email scams were courtesy of Russia. Continue reading

Imagegate – what is it and how can you protect yourself?

gate 1661142 1280 300x207 Imagegate – what is it and how can you protect yourself?As users become more vigilant in protecting themselves and their devices against malware, hackers are becoming more creative in how they spread their infected files.

According to a report by security firm Check Point, the latest development on malware propagation is the utilization of image files that come from social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Check Point Unveils ImageGate

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