5 Ways VoIP Systems Can Save Your Company Money

Jun 20, 2017VoIP0 comments

First, what is VoIP? It’s very simple. VoIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol, which means that you use the Internet for phone calls, rather than a telephone line. This eliminates the need for carrier phone lines. Because of this, you could connect distant and remote offices and workers, no matter where they are located, efficiently and affordably.  So for the real question, how can this system save your company money?



1.      Uses the Internet for phone calls

Using the Internet for phone calls means you don’t need to pay for carrier phone lines. Using the Internet also allows for easy communication with remote offices and workers, which means your business can spread to more places, which in turn creates growth in your company and income. Freelancers are also now easy to contact (well, easier) and now make up 40% of the US workforce.


2.      SIP Trunk

A SIP trunk, Session Initiation Protocol, utilizes broadband connection for access during a call. By utilizing VoIP, you could enable large savings by switching over from traditional phone lines. The calls are created through your IP connection, so you don’t have to worry about long distance phone call charges, which quickly add up for national companies.

3.      Security

Why does implementing a good security system save you money? A good security system not only protects you, but it protects your customers. VoIP can save you money by actively monitoring and responding to fraud, looks for call patterns that are out of the norm, and requires customers to have a PIN during a certain time frame.

VoIP is easier to use than this. If you have this, you should call us.


4.      Ease of Service

The ease of use of VoIP systems, and the reasonable learning curve allow staff to effectively own and manage their own specific communication systems. This helps to eliminate the need for frequent and costly service calls.

5.      It’s 2017, outdated phones are costly

Outdated phones are expensive to fix or replace because the parts and the phones themselves are becoming effectively obsolete. Old phone equipment is not being produced anymore and the propriety parts for replacement to old hardware is gradually ceasing production as well. Sooner or later you won’t have the option other than to switch away from traditional phone services. Switching now could save you frustration and money in the future.