Seashells app saves Your Pocket Change, and adds Interest

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seashells-app-281x556pxAre you are saving your pennies to get a sink at Lowe’s for that bathroom redo your spouse has wanted for quite a while?  How about a new dishwasher from Sear’s, or perhaps a Carnival Cruise?

Well, you can say bye-bye to your piggy bank with the Seashells app, an easier and more automatic way to save change using the concept of round-up savings. Every time you make a purchase, Seashells rounds up the total to the next dollar and pockets the difference in your Seashells account. Save up your change for rewards purchases from 180 choices including air fare, hotels and gift cards.

Seashells helps you save money automatically on virtually every purchase you make. Once you’ve linked your debit or credit card to the Seashells app, every time you use your linked card to make a purchase, Seashell rounds up the price to the next whole dollar and keeps the difference —what’s called the round-up fee. So for that $2.80 cup of coffee, Seashells rounds up the price to $3.00 and puts the 20 cents difference into your Seashells account.

Seashells sweetens the pot by matching your transfers with a 15 percent bonus. The 20 cents in change from your coffee purchase translates to 23 cents in your Seashells account. If you’re like the average consumer who sets aside about $40 in round-ups every month, you can expect to save about $46 every month through Seashells. You actually earn money through using this app.

What can you do with your Seashells savings? Buy whatever you’d like from Seashells’ 180 redemption options, including flights, hotel bookings and gift cards from stores like Sephora, CVS, Kohl’s, Bed Bath Beyond and Lowe’s. Seashells makes it easy to turn your day-to-day purchases into an easy way to save for big goals like vacation trips or to treat yourself with smaller rewards from your favorite retailers.

Is your money safe? Seashells explains that your round-ups are transferred and stored on an electronic Seashells gift card until you’re ready to redeem your earnings. These electronic gift cards never expire, so both the round-ups you save and the 15 percent you earn never go away. It’s as if you’ve used that money to purchase a Visa gift card.

The Seashells app is free to use and is available for both iOS and Android devices. Or you can visit for more information.


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