5 Money-Saving Apps Millennials Use That You Don’t

Sep 9, 2016Uncategorized0 comments

These apps can save you time, money and frustration.  How many are you using already?

1. Honey

If you shop online and aren’t using Honey, you’re doing it wrong.

Honey is a free Chrome add-on that automatically finds and applies discounts for you on thousands of sites. Like a friendly guard dog for your shopping cart, it pops up at checkout, automatically searches the Internet for coupon codes, and applies the one that’ll save you the most money. Genius, right?! 10/10 recommend.





2. Acorns

Investing your money is an excellent way to build up a nice cash cushion, but it can be intimidating to someone (like me) who isn’t familiar with the stock market. Acorns is here to help. This app automatically invests your spare change across 7,000 diversified stocks and bonds. So, all you have to do is spend money as usual and watch your cash grow. Sounds simple enough.

3. BestParking

If you live in a major city, you know that parking can be a hellish money-suck. No one likes to loop around the city looking for the most affordable parking option, and with the BestParking app, you don’t have to. BestParking directs you towards the closest and cheapest parking situation, so you don’t fall prey to parking garage rip-offs or waste precious time trying to avoid them.



4. GasBuddy

An obvious way to save money on gas is to go to cheaper gas stations, but they’re not always easy to find. GasBuddy helps users take advantage of the cheapest gas in your area by directing them to the closest, best priced stations.







5. SuperCook

Before running straight to the grocery store, take inventory of what you already have and plug your ingredients into SuperCook’s website (mobile app coming soon, so it counts, ok?). SuperCook will instantly match you to recipes from popular cooking sites. You might realize you have everything for a delicious recipe that you didn’t have to search for yourself. It’s a piece of cake (that you made on the cheap).

Whether hacking coupon codes with Honey or investing your spare change wisely, these easy apps will have you saving money in no time.



Article by Nikki Wilson for buzzfeed.com