Hot Tech Gadgets to Give

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If you’ve got an impossible-to-buy-for brother or a tech-minded relative, this list will point you in the right direction. You can’t go wrong with a tech gift.

Chrome Cast Ultra

chromecast ultra

If you haven’t made the move to buying a device that lets you stream your content, go for Google’s Chromecast Ultra ($69, preorder). It works just like Chromecast, except it will support 4K, HDR, and Dolby Vision and work with Google Home.


Google Home

Meet Google Home ($129, preorder). Google Home is another personal assistant device that comes in a variety of colors. It works with Google Assistant, a software that aims to guess your needs before you need to ask anything. It will also work with Google Cast and other smart home devices, making it a device worth adding to your home.


Echo Doechot

If you love everything about Alexa and the Amazon Echo, consider the Echo Dot ($50). It’s a smaller version of the Echo but comes with similar capabilities. Since the Echo Dot is smaller and more portable, it’s easy to add to any room and still ask Alexa for whatever you need.




Moleskine Smart Writing Set

Whether you’re a student or not, you can definitely find Moleskine’s Smart Writing Set ($199) insanely useful. The set, which comes with a notebookand the Pen+, automatically digitizes anything you hand write to the Moleskine Notes app. It’s a perfect solution for someone looking to hand write notes but who needs access to them at any time.


Google Pixel XL

Unimpressed with the new iPhone and looking for a change? Try the Google Pixel XL ($749), Google’s flagship phone that’s sleek and packed full of useful features. The phone comes with Google Assistant, a 12.3 megapixel rear-facing camera, and an impressive battery life.


Mophie Powerstation Plus

Let’s get real: wherever you go, you’re going to need a backup charger for your phone. Instead of getting something second rate, invest in the Mophie Powerstation Plus ($80). It’s a thin device that comes in three colors and has a built-in cable ready to charge iOS and Android devices. Bonus: it has two ports so you can charge two devices at the same time.


Kindle Paperwhite

If you don’t have an ereader or are interested in seeing if you should upgrade, consider Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite ($120). The device comes in two colors, has a built-in backlight, and has a battery life that will last you for weeks.


UE Roll 2

Amp up your next party with the UE Roll 2 ($100). The speaker is light, waterproof, and portable. It’s an ideal speaker for the on-the-go use or to bring to the park for a picnic.


HP Sprocket

Print out your photos in seconds with the HP Sprocket ($130). It’s a small, portable device that prints out fun sticker photos. All you need is the HP Sprocket app (free) and HP Zink Photo Paper ($10 for a 20-sheet pack) to start printing your favorite memories.


barriseurThe Barisieur Alarm Clock

All of our dreams are coming true! We can finally wake up to the smells and sounds of freshly brewed coffee with the Barisieur Alarm Clock. Funded through Kickstarter, this alarm clock doesn’t make screeching noises to get you out of bed. Instead, it will brew you a fresh cup of coffee or tea at the time of your choice. It comes complete with a specially refrigerated spot for milk and plenty of storage for sugar, extra coffee grounds, and stirrers.



The Knocki is a device that allows you to turn any surface into a remote control. You’ll create your own knocking patterns to command the Knocki to perform different functions. For example, you can turn your coffee table into a remote, setting it to recognize one tap to turn the TV on, two to turn it off, etc. Since it can recognize more than one function at a time, your possibilities are essentially limitless. Place it on your nightstand to turn off your alarm with a knock, turn on the coffee maker with a few taps, and have the it turn on your TV to watch the morning news without leaving your bed!


microsoft foldable keyboardMicrosoft Universal Foldable Keyboard

If you use a tablet to do anything more than play Candy Crush, you probably prefer to do your typing on a keyboard. This portable, foldable keyboard is small enough to fit in a purse or even a back pocket so it can travel with you anywhere. It’s also spill-resistant and easy to turn on and off.


The Sunscreenr is a brilliant invention that everyone living in sunny or hot climates should invest in. It uses special technology that allows you to see exactly where you’re missing sunscreen on your body, so you don’t end up exposed to harmful UV rays. When you look through the Sunscreenr, you’ll see unprotected skin appear very light in comparison to the covered areas. It works on all skin colors and types.







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