How to Block Political Posts on Facebook & Survive 2017

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flag-234610_640Learn how to survive the 2017 political chatter by filtering your Facebook news feed to block annoying political posts. While you’re at it, you can also filter out terms like AR-15, gun control, executive order, Muslim ban and others without unfriending everyone.

In less than two minutes, you can block political posts on Facebook. The major versions only work on the Facebook website on your computer (based on the browser you use), but we’ll share a trick to get rid of the worst political Facebook posts on your iPhone or Android as well.

You can edit the list of political posts you want to filter from Facebook according to your personal preferences. Use a list to remove all political Facebook posts, or simply filter out those that you don’t agree with or that irritate you to see.

How to Block Facebook Political Posts

The process is quick and easy to use. You simply install a free extension of Social Fixer for the browser you use and then paste in a list of things that you don’t want to see. Social Fixer is available for Chrome, FireFox and Safari.

After installing the Social Fixer app, it should automatically turn on and show up near the upper right section of your Facebook page. Click on the icon and then on Social Fixer Settings.

On the next page click on Filters. On this screen, you can now select Election/Politics 2017 by clicking the plus sign. and it will remove any posts related to politics in 2017 from your Facebook news feed.

This list includes a constantly updated listing of political keywords. Unlike the older version that you had to manually update over time, this is a list that Social Fixer continually updates.

As of January 31st it blocks the following terms from your Facebook news feed.

(trump|pence|hillary|bernie|libertarian|gary johnson|jill stein|green party|election|republican|democrat|democratic|political|politics|politician|clinton foundation|electoral|ben carson|chris christie|giuliani|ivanka|inauguration|kellyanne conway|sean spicer|tillerson)

This is a good start, but you should add another filter if you want to completely wipe out politics from your Facebook news feed.

Click on Create a New Filter and then paste the list below into the box next to “contains.”

/politic|Hillary|Clinton|Bush|Cruz|Rubio|Rand|Paul|Obama|O’Malley|Ryan|Trump|Palin|Biden|Democrat|Republican|RNC|DNC|POTUS|Tea Party|Convention|Right-Wing|Left-Wing|Liberal|Conservative|Religious Right|Red State|Blue State|Senate|Congress|GOP|MoveOn\.org|Reagan|Hate Crime|politico\.com|AR-15|Gun|neocon|fascist|Rush Limbaugh|Bill O’Reilly|Bill Maher|John Oliver|Daily Show|Colbert|Sean Hannity|candidate|FOX News|Muslim Ban|Executive Order|Senator|Representative|Sen\.|Rep\.|President/

The default action is to Hide post, so you don’t need to change any other options. Click Done Editing Filter.

Hide Political Facebook Posts from Specific Sources

If you don’t want to see Facebook posts that link to specific pages on the Internet, you can choose to hide all posts from that page.

On a Facebook post click on the small arrow in the upper right. This works on your iPhone, Android or on the web. Choose Hide All From … to hide all posts from that source. This will work across all of your devices. You need to repeat this with multiple sources.

Hide Political Posts from Facebook Friends

You can also choose to unfollow a Facebook friend who posts a lot of political posts. This is just as easy as hiding from specific sources. The person will not know that you are unfollowing them and this isn’t unfriending them so you can still message back and forth.

On a person’s Facebook profile page you can click on “Following” and it will turn to an option to Follow the person again. When you click it once you will unfollow that person and you will no longer see any of their posts.

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How to Block Political Posts on Facebook & Survive 2017