Comtel Communications & Simplicity VoIP Ranked 31st in Richmond for Charitable Donations

Apr 10, 2017Uncategorized0 comments

biz sense logoIn their annual list of top charitable businesses in Richmond, Richmond Biz Sense ranked Comtel Communications & Simplicity 31st out of the top 50 companies listed. With donations to The Richmond Ballet, Make-A-Wish, Steward School, Montessori School, Bandit’s Animal Rescue and many others, Comtel & Simplicity have demonstrated their commitment to being good stewards of their community.

These two partner businesses are continuing their efforts through a 2017 campaign called “Gifts of 25”, in celebration of their 25 years in business. Each month, a charity selected by an employee is given a gift in keeping either with the number “25” or related to technology. FeedMore received 2500 meals, B.A.R.K of Ashland received 25 bags of dog food, and Make-A-Wish received a video conference phone.

If you’d like to see the entire list of businesses on the Richmond Biz Sense list, click here. To learn more about Comtel & Simplicity’s Gifts of 25 program, click here.