Device Radiation Report Will Likely Promote More Scams

Jun 6, 2016Uncategorized0 comments

A recent study by the National Toxicology Program (NTP) has, after years of study, linked cell phone use to brain cancer.  Whether you agree or feel the study is flawed, phones and tablets emit a certain amount of radiation regardless, and other studies show that at least half of that can be absorbed into your head and body.

As a result, you are likely to see more “new” products coming online that will claim to help you reduce the amount of radiation that makes it to your brain.  Some have been labeled as scams by the FTC, and others are still under review.  Here’s a look at two devices that have been vetted.


Manufacturers have claimed to scientifically prove that these devices redirect radiation away from you.  Not only that, by redistributing this energy, they can improve signal strength which can optimize reception and battery life.  Available for smartphones and tablets.

According to the FTC, however, “there is no scientific proof that so-called shields significantly reduce exposure from these electromagnetic emissions. In fact, products that block only the earpiece – or another small portion of the phone – are totally ineffective because the entire phone emits electromagnetic waves.”

The FTC and CDC recommend the following:

  • Increase the distance between your phone and your head by using a hands-free device, like an earpiece that is wired to the phone, or using the speakerphone feature.
  •  Consider texting more and limiting your cell phone use to short conversations.
  •  Wait for a good signal. When you have a weak signal, your phone works harder, emitting more radiation. Phones also give off more radiation when transmitting than when receiving, so tilt the phone away from your head when you’re talking, and bring it back to your ear when you’re listening.

Air Tube Headset


An air tube headset is one with an ‘air tube’ component. Normal headsets are a 100% wired connection.  It provides high quality-sound and allows users to enjoy listening to music without electric components inside the ears – for completely safe radiation free sound.

An air tube headset has a section with a hollow, flexible airtube which transmits the sound from cell phone conversations and music to your ear using airwaves. The peculiarity of this airtube is that it contains no metal.  It plugs into the jack on your cell phone the same as a conventional headset.  Since metal conducts radiation, without it manufacturers have been able to claim a 98% reduction in radiation from devices. Some models also have an earpiece that doesn’t contain any metal.

Using an air tube headset while keeping your device away from your head meets one of the standards for safe phone usage above.

Of course, to many having to listen to someone on his speaker phone in the middle of a store or restaurant or even movie theater can be highly annoying.  So use of an air tube headset may be a safety decision of another kind.