“Essential” Smartphone Released, from Mind Behind Android

Jun 7, 2017New Technology0 comments

via Essential

Andy Rubin, creator of Android, unveiled the PH-1, the first phone from his new company, Essential. 

Essential is a “New Type of Company” designed for living in the 21st century. Their new phone offers impressive specs: 128GB HD, 4GB RAM, and a QualComm SnapDragon 835 processor. The screen and phone are larger than the standard iPhone 7, and offers a 13 megapixel camera and front facing 8 megapixel camera, both offering 4k video. The phone is impressive.

The phone sans contract will run you $749 for advanced orders, and is unavailable outside the US at the current time. It comes unlocked, which means it can be used with any provider. The available colors are glossy black, matte dark grey, glossy white, and glossy dark green with bronze.

In addition to Android powered mobile devices, Essential is working on an assortment of home devices to compete with Google, apple, and amazon’s IoT offerings. The Ambient OS that runs these devices will be open source, just like Android.

The advancements over the past 5 years in mobile device technology is racing at a breakneck pace, and with every new device, the capacity for new collaborations grows. The improvements to smartphones further improve our ability to work from anywhere, anytime. It is a very exciting time in the technology sector.