Which Generation leads in technology adoption?

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Tech-PexelsWe’ve looked at how each “generation” is different. Now, Forrester’s “The State of Consumers and Technology: Benchmark 2016, US” report examines attitudes and behaviors that shape consumer technology adoption. Here are some highlights:

Note: This report covers adult online usage only, meaning Generation Z (b. 1995-2012) was not factored in.

Device use is on the rise

In the first half of 2016 (with Year over Year change):

75% uses smartphones (+5%) | 52% use tablets (+6%) | 32% use internet-connected TVs (+7%)

Generation Y is quickest off the mark in adopting new technology, and the most likely to make use of available devices.

85% use smartphones | 67% use tablets | 42% use internet-connected TV.

Android is more popular than iPhone

While Gen Z smartphone users favor iOS, older consumers prefer Android, making its device adoption slightly higher: 50% of all US smartphone users use Android, 41% use iPhone.

Facebook is the most frequently visited website (daily use)

54% – Facebook | 27% – YouTube | 16% – Instagram | 15% – Twitter.

Gen Z is the leading age group for Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat usage.

The majority of adults consume content online (with year over year change)

84% read media content (news, magazines, blogs) online (+5%)

80% watch TV, film, or video online (+10%)

67% listen to the radio online (+8%)

Gen Z (96%) edges out Gen Y (94%) for consuming the most TV shows, films, or videos, but Gen Y (96%) consumes more online news, magazine, and blog content than Gen Z (94%).

Adapted from an article by ITonline.com | Image Credit – Pexels