Globe: Prepaid eSIMs to be rolled out soon

Sep 1, 2023New Technology0 comments

GLOBE Telecom Inc. on Monday said that prepaid eSIMs would be made available by the end of this quarter to further enhance its customers’ mobile experience.

“By the end of this quarter, we will launch our leveled-up version of the eSIM because we recognize the opportunity and we can also monetize the convenience that eSIM can give our customers,” Globe consumer mobile business head Darius Delgado said.

“[I]t’s also going to restructure the way we operate because there’s less cost; it’s fully do-it-yourself,” he added.

Globe first introduced eSIM technology to postpaid customers in 2018.

The introduction of the eSIM for prepaid users will allow the creation of multiple profiles with different mobile numbers on a single device, Globe said. The feature will allow them to effortlessly switch between lines, whether for after-office hours, travel, or any purpose that suits their lifestyle.

The technology will also enable users to connect multiple gadgets to one mobile number. This means users no longer have to worry about leaving their primary phones at home.

With Globe integrating sustainability practices into its operations, the eSIM initiative will minimize reliance on physical SIM cards made of plastic, reducing raw material needs, waste generation and logistics.

Globe’s share price dropped by P45 or 2.41 percent to P1,825.00 last Friday.


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