Infinix showcases Zero 30 5G, Zero Book and satellite communication technology

Sep 12, 2023New and Noteworthy0 comments

Infinix has expanded its Zero series smartphone lineup by unveiling a new Zero 30 5G smartphone at the Story On event held in Venice, Italy. Alongside the new phone, the company also announces the Zero Book laptop, aimed at creators and professionals.

In terms of features, the Infinix Zero 30 5G comes with 4K video recording support using the front-facing camera at 60 fps. Along with this, the phone also comes with a handful of photography tools and filters for a better camera experience.

Using the new Zero 30 5G prototype, the company also showcased its Explorer Satellite Communication Technology.

Infinix Explorer Satellite Communication Technology

The Explorer Satellite Communication Technology, according to the company, offers several advantages in reliability, efficiency and capacity, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity in remote and challenging environments.

This comprehensive satellite communication solution, developed by Infinix, has the potential to improve communication and address various emergency rescue needs. The technology utilises advanced IoT low-earth orbit satellite network. Infinix has also created an efficient message system architecture that enables rapid message transmission, averaging one message per second, with a baseline transmission speed exceeding 2.2kb/s.

The system can handle up to 1.9 million messages per hour, with scalability to serve even more users as additional satellites are deployed. This bi-directional communication system allows users to transmit up to 84 bytes of data at a time, enhancing connectivity in remote areas and during emergencies.

Infinix has plans to roll it out in a phased manner globally. The rollout of Explore Satellite Communication Technology will start sometime next year.


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