One surprising tool every event planner, realtor or fiancee should have should have

Mar 16, 2016Uncategorized0 comments

Want to take just a couple of special photographs and be able to transport a client or wedding party there with one simple app?

With a fancy piece of cardboard and a free smartphone app, you can easily shoot and view 360-degree footage of any location like real estate listings, event venues or even churches– and share the experience with others. It’s very easy.

First, buy a Google Cardboard headset – a $15 gadget that folds into a sort of viewfinder that lets you experience basic virtual reality. In other words, you can watch videos and view photographs that allow you to occupy a space and physically look around.

If you’re an Android user, download the official Cardboard Camera app. Unfortunately, the app isn’t available on iOS, but iPhone users can get a similar experience using Optonaut.

Once downloaded, you use these apps to shoot 360-degree photos of any location by slowlying turn your body around to capture the full view.

That’s it! To get the virtual reality effect, you pull up the photo in Cardboard Camera or Optonaut, tap the button corresponding to Google Cardboard, and place your phone into the headset and show your footage.

Think of how impressed your boss or client would be with a  quick 3D showing of a home or venue.  Something that will make you stand apart in a great way.

Adapted from an article in Huffington Post