Three ways tablets can transform your small business

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Retail-TabletOver the last few years tablets have been playing an ever-more prominent role in the world of business and, with the plethora of benefits they offer to SMEs, it’s easy to see why.

If used in the right way, tablets have the ability to transform the way a business operates by enabling efficiency and agility without breaking the bank.


Mobility is key in today’s business landscape and tablets give employees the freedom and flexibility to work from more places than ever. According to a recent report from IDC, three quarters of the Western European workforce will be mobile by 2018, illustrating the modern changing workforce.

Thanks to the range of services and solutions provided by EE – including international roaming add-ons and a range of flexible payment options such as 36 month price plans – employees are empowered to send emails, work on documents and communicate with colleagues or clients when out of the office and on the move.

Furthermore, those in more creative industries can add a stylus to complete professional drawings or annotations, with everything available on a device that is more mobile than a laptop and more practical than a smartphone.


SMEs can’t afford to waste time in today’s fast-moving business landscape and tablets have the potential to improve the efficiency of employees and help with their work and communications in or out of the office.

For example, tablets let you take high-quality pictures on site visits or detailed notes during client meetings and business trips – just add a keyboard and you can type as normal. Documents can then be immediately uploaded to the cloud or sent directly to colleagues which, with EE’s 4G network being 50 per cent faster than any other and covering 95 per cent of the UK population, is now easier than ever.


But that’s not all; appearance matters in business and tablets can help SMEs create a positive and professional first impression in meetings and presentations with potential new customers.

They can help to promote the impression of an innovative, technologically savvy company and be a differentiator from businesses that only use laptops, which could be the difference between winning and losing a new piece of business.

And the best thing is that SMEs can transform their business and empower their employees without having to worry about the price. EE offers tablet plans from just £7.50 (ex VAT) a month, featuring top-of-the-range devices such as the Apple iPad Pro and Samsung Galaxy Tab. Upfront device costs vary depending on device and plan.

So, tablets are undoubtedly the way forward for businesses and, with a range of devices and flexible plans available from EE, there has never been a better time to start your tablet journey.


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