VoIP Technology is surging in business deployment

Feb 29, 2016Uncategorized0 comments

Corporations are continually tightening budgets and searching for cost cutting and savings opportunities on operating
expenses.  Using hosted and cloud-based services is proving effective in meeting these goals.  In addition to saving money, they also provide scalability and flexibility that in-house systems cannot.

Maintaining an in-house PBX system is one of the more expensive operations for any company, not to mention space requirements and maintenance issues which must be addressed by a technician.  Over the past several years, Hosted VoIP has matured and evolved into a Unified Communications (UC) platform, all while eliminating the space and service issues.

This shift has been motivated by a shift in work places from offices to homes and desktops to portable devices.  Hosted VoIP has grown exponentially.

Security remains a concern for all corporations employing VoIP, so hardware and software development meant to address these concerns is surging as well.  The need for hybrid solutions, particular for businesses that have several locations, drives the market toward SIP trunking and VoIP solutions at a clipped pace.

Flexibility has grown to be as important as cost savings to many businesses.  The ability to use a cloud-based system which allows for instant number and account changes, while remaining secure meets the needs of every IT department, particularly in an environment characterized by rapid change.

Adapted from a posting by Joe Rizzo for Cloud IT