Shock absorber, flotation patented for iPhone

Apr 5, 2017Uncategorized0 comments

Apple has patented bumpers that pop out to cushion the impact when an iPhone is dropped. These shock absorbers will also allow the device to float.

The newly-patented technology uses sensor that can detect when the device falls, calculating the height and velocity of movement to determine whether it has been dropped or just set down.61iphone bumpers

If it decides the phone has been dropped, corner bumpers will spring out.

By cushioning a fall, and allowing the phone to float if dropped in the pool, bath, sink or toilet, the risk of irreparable damage is minimized.

Once the phone has been retrieved, the corner bumpers ca be retracted.

In the meantime, you can always get the Mota Bumper case for your phone. The bumpers don’t retract, but the risk of damage is still minimized from a drop (not a flotation device).

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